The October 4, 2011 opening reception for the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators show at Slippery Rock University’s Gault Art Gallery was well attended by students and faculty. It ran through November 2, 2011 and Koi was one of the paintings Mary had at the Exhibit.  Here are some of the reviews she received.

Mary Dunn is also a new member to Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators. In the exhibit, she had a piece of what looked like painted Koi Fish called Koi. She works primarily in oil paints.  This painting was incredible. The perspective was as if you were looking down into a pond and you saw all of these fish swimming just below the surface of the water. The colors of the fish and the reflective quality of the water were wonderful. She really captured the feeling of the fish moving and the water moving and flowing over the fish.  Samantha Abbott

I enjoyed the painting by Mary Dunn. It is a pastel painting on a sanded surface, called Koi.
The way she captivated movement in this painting was very well executed. Also, she did not over due the effect of the water. It was a concern she wrote about in her artists’ statement. Furthermore, I think the way she used complimentary color’s such as blues and purples complimented with oranges and yellows was very effective. She didn’t make the fish too bright which, to me, makes the picture more comforting. Keeping it on the cool side of the color spectrum created a very calm feeling. In this piece I feel that she relied on the colors giving her picture a sort of abstraction. With this and by her painterly technique the fish became somewhat out of focus while still holding on to their worldly connotation.  Justin Steffler

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2017-2018 Jefferson Elementary Window Painting

This school year, Mary has volunteered to paint the windows at Jefferson Elementary. 

Every month a new painting goes up on the windows.

Here are the paintings that were done for the Christmas Holiday -- month of December.

Christmas Window Painting #1

Christmas Window Painting #2